Pure Rose

Pure Rose


Pure Rose Flower Oil

Common name: Rose absolute
Botanical name: Rosa Damascena

About: Pure Rose absolute is a rosey coloured pure essential oil, and the part of the rose plant used in creating pure Rose absolute is the flowers. Pure Rose absolute is extracted from the flowers using a method called 'solvent.' 

Rose Oil is a treasured and beloved essential oil, and is created using a solvent extraction method, to help to allow for a higher amount of oil to be created. Rose Oil could additionally be one of the most highly priced essential oils because all of the petals used to create the Rose Oil could need to be carefully picked by hand. Because about 30 roses could create just one drop of Rose Oil, about 600 roses could be needed to create one ml ! Rose Oil is popular for skincare and perfumery, and its nature and essence could be described as 'sweet and loving.'

Rose Oil comes from the Rosa Damascena plant and carries its aromatic compounds. Because the compounds are understood to contain healing benefits, Rose Oil could be used for health care objectives. If Rose Oil could be combined with a carrier oil (such as Organic Jojoba Oil), Rose Oil is able to be used on the skin or included in a bath in a tiny amount. Skin care items created with Rose Oil are noted to help to hydrate dry skin, to lessen acne, noticeable hints of ageing and the look of scars, and to help with skin conditions, including eczema and rosacea.

For the skin: Rose Oil is beneficial in helping to soothe and hydrate dry skin and sensitive skin, and could additionally help to soften, revitalise and soothe redness in mature skin.

Rose Oil could also be heart opening as it is connected to the heart, and could help to open up loving feelings to self and to others.

Chosen because: Rose Oil was chosen because of its beautifully pretty scent, luxuriousness as a natural ingredient, and lucky quality. In addition, pure Rose was chosen because of the lovely skin care benefits of the ingredient and its safety for use on sensitive skin. Within the formulation, the Rose Oil functions as a fragrance and an active botanical ingredient and is included in 0.015 % of the formulation (safely under the IFRA dermal limit noted for a face care product, of 0.02 %). Rose Oil was additionally chosen because it could blend in such a lovely way with the other pure, gentle and 100 % natural ingredients, notably including the Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Camomile Blossoms and pure Lavender. The Rose Oil forms the base note scent of petal, which could safely come through after about 20 + minutes, and could also have light strawberry notes. 

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