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Questions and answers 

Q and a's

Here is a page to share a couple of questions and answers about Camomile Care, collections and products, orders and posting, to hopefully help to answer any questions or queries you could be hoping to check about ♡

Camomile Care

Is Camomile Care a New Zealand owned and operated business and brand?

Camomile Care is a 100 % New Zealand owned and operated business and clean beauty brand. Camomile Care was incorporated with the Companies Office and Register in New Zealand in 2021. Our company name is: Camomile Care Limited, our company number is: 8214912 and our NZBN is: 9429049523522. Our posting address is: 6 Marsden Avenue, Karori, Wellington, 6012, New Zealand.

Could Camomile Care have a couple of central values?

A couple of our central values are: customer care, integrity and caring for the environment (a little more could be noted in Our story).

Could Camomile Care follow Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)?

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) is followed as conscientiously as possible at all moments from the beginning of creating our product(s) to packaging items up to send in the post. Here is a careful note of how Camomile Care could follow a couple of steps for following GMP, as recommended by Formula Botanica, an award winning and international organic cosmetic formulation school, where our founder studied a mini course with:

1. Clean your workspace: Before formulating, hands are washed in warm and soapy water, and could be additionally washed throughout formulating if gloves could be changed. All formulating could be done in a clean and tidy home environment, and on an even top wooden desk. The wooden desk is carefully wiped down with an eco friendly and biodegradable disinfectant wipe and dried with a white, eco bamboo cloth, before formulating.

2. Clean your equipment: All equipment is gathered and wiped with an eco friendly and biodegradable disinfectant wipe, and dried with a white, eco bamboo cloth, before formulating. After formulating, everything is cleared up and all items are washed by hand in warm and soapy water before adding into a warm dishwashing cycle, or a warm machine wash cycle (for the bamboo cloths and eco friendly cotton bags, used for the infusion step).

3. Be organised: Each step in formulating is as organised as possible, and is done in a clean and tidy area. A tidy storage system is kept for all items and equipment, ingredients, camellia infusions and finished 'petals.' All ingredients, camellia infusions and 'petals' are clearly labelled and noted with an infusion number and a batch number (to be noted on the labels of finished 'petals') to help to keep a safe and accurate record of each batch, and to be able to correctly note a 'best before' date. Notes could also be written down in a Camomile care journal, and a clear recipe (formulation sheet) for 'petal' could be followed each time when formulating, to help to ensure all ingredients and amounts could be added correctly.

4. Use ppe: Ppe (personal protective equipment) is worn at all moments in formulating, as although a lot of gentle, natural and organic ingredients are being used when formulating, a little hazard and risk could be possible. A couple of items of ppe worn include: an cotton over shirt (a lab coat) to protect clothing from the ingredients, disposable safety gloves, and safety goggles bought from PureNature, to prevent any ingredients splashing into eyes, and to prevent the possibility of an eye lash falling into a formulation ! In addition, hair is always carefully brushed and safely tied back before formulating.

5. Be safe: Ppe is worn to keep safe while formulating, and a first aid kit and an eye wash are just close by, in case the items could be needed.

All of the 5 steps are noted to be an excellent foundation in ensuring GMP and are conscientiously followed each time a botanical formulation could be being formulated. Following the 5 GMP steps noted could help to create a clean, artisan lab for skincare and to create finished product(s), which could be as safe for a customer as possible.

Collections and Products

Could Camomile be included in all of Camomile Care's products?

Camomile Care is inspired by camomile, a natural ingredient and a gentle and beautiful white and light gold coloured flower, with a lovely and calming sweet straw kind of scent. Camomile could be a hero ingredient and could be carefully included in all of our products in at least one way. A couple of ways camomile can be included in natural beauty and skin care items could include:

🕊️ Camomile Blossoms: as a (dried) flower

🕊️ Camomile infused Oil: as an infusion, where a carrier oil is steeped in and infused with camomile blossoms and strained in a fine cotton bag 

🕊️ pure Camomile Essential (Flower) Oil: as a pure essential oil, where camomile flowers undergo an extraction method such as distillation, to create an essential oil and a couple of pure camomile essential oils currently available could include: Roman and German camomile 

🕊️ Camomile (%) in a Carrier Oil: as a blend, where a pure camomile essential oil (Roman or German) is diluted in a carrier oil, such as Jojoba oil 

🕊️ Camomile Hydrosol: as a camomile flower water

🕊️ Camomile Flower (Cellular) Extract: as a water soluble flower extract (a cellular extract)

How was the name petal chosen?

petal was chosen with inspiration from falling light pink flower petals in the spring and because the botanical blend could be quite floral in nature, with the Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Camomile Blossoms, pure Lavender and pure Rose. petal could also help to describe the light and sweet floral notes in the scent. As a facial oil, petal could also help to care for, soften and smooth skin, and the softness of flower petals in nature could connect to the gentleness of the botanical formulation, and how it could help to soften skin. Heart shape images and illustrations of petals could be included in images and stationeries created for petal facial oil on 'Canva' and by our lovely Graphic designer of petal's box package: Kesh from @keshiewstudios, to help to go with the name petal.

How could Camomile be included in petal facial oil?

Camomile is included in 'petal' in an infused oil. Certified Organic Camomile Blossoms are blended with Certified Organic Camellia Oil and just a little Vitamin E, and the blend is gently infused in a glass jar in a cool place and away from sun light, for 6 days. The camomile infused oil is then strained in a fine, organic cotton bag, before being added into a blend for 'petal' facial oil. Infusing the Organic Camellia Oil with (100 % dried) Organic Camomile Blossoms could help to transfer camomile's gentle and healing qualities, benefits for skin care and calming scent into the Organic Camellia Oil and finished botanical formulation.

How is petal made?

Organic Camellia Oil is blended with Organic Camomile Blossoms and just a little Vitamin E, and is gently infused in a cool place for 6 days. Organic Camellia Oil infusion(s) could then be strained in a fine organic cotton bag, and combined with all of the other natural and Certified Organic ingredients, to create a finished botanical formulation of 'petal' facial oil. The facial oil is added to clear 30 ml glass bottles, with a light pink and white 'petal' label, carefully noting a Batch number and a BB ('Best Before') date, and popped into an outer box package, where a Batch number and a BB ('Best Before') date is also clearly noted.    

Could Camomile Care's product(s) be made in New Zealand?

Camomile Care's product(s) are 100 % carefully handmade in New Zealand.

Could Camomile Care's products be Certified Organic?

Although petal facial oil is carefully handmade with 4 Certified Organic ingredients (Certified Organic by BioGro NZ and AsureQuality NZ), petal is not a Certified Organic product just yet. Our founder is hoping 'petal' could become become safely certified as being 'Certified Organic' by a well known and trustworthy certifier in New Zealand, just as soon as possible; within about 6 to 24 months after a first launch. Certification could help to affirm our product(s) and ingredients could safely meet a standard for an organic product. petal facial oil is created with 100 % natural ingredients and 98.505 % Certified Organic ingredients. 

Could Camomile Care's products be Cruelty free and vegan?

Cruelty free: our products are not tested on animals at any moment during production or beyond. Our founder is hoping to become safely certified as being 'Cruelty free' with an international organisation just as soon as possible; within about 6 to 24 months after a first launch. Certification could help to affirm the production and manufacturing processes for creating each of the ingredients used in our product(s) and our product(s) could be 'cruelty free' at all moments during production and beyond. 

Vegan: to the best of our founder's knowledge, all of the natural and organic ingredients in Camomile care's product(s) (Organic Camomile Blossoms, Certified Organic and cold pressed pure plant oils, pure essential (flower) oils and natural Vitamin E) are 100 % natural and plant based ingredients, and could all be sourced from natural plants. Our products are not created with ingredients derived from animals, including animal by-products (milk or honey or another kind of ingredient from animals). Our founder is hoping 'petal' could become safely certified as being 'Vegan' with a safe certifier in New Zealand just as soon as possible; within about 6 to 24 months after a first launch. 

Where could your ingredients be sourced from?

All of the ingredients in petal are sourced from 2 separate suppliers, both located in New Zealand. Because of the nature of the chosen natural ingredients, almost all of the ingredients are currently grown in and originally sourced from overseas countries. Overseas countries could be a most helpful and nurturing natural environment for the ingredient(s) to be grown in, and to be additionally created into a pure plant oil or a pure essential oil, by an extraction method such as 'cold pressing' or 'distillation.' A careful summary note of where all of the natural ingredients included in petal are originally sourced from is just noted here: 

for petal ORIGINAL

🕊 Organic Camellia Oil: China

🕊 Organic Jojoba Oil: Argentina

🕊 Organic Rosehip Oil: Chile

🕊 Organic Camomile Blossoms: Egypt

🕊 Natural Vitamin E: (coming soon ♡) 

🕊 pure Lavender: New Zealand

🕊 pure Rose: Bulgaria 

One ingredient which is locally grown in New Zealand (as just noted above) is the pure, true Lavender, with the botanical name of Lavandula angustifolia. It has a gentle, light and calming scent, and is considered to be 'hypoallergenic,' due to it's low amounts of Linalool (13%). A little more information about each of the ingredients could be found on the About natural ingredients page and in the ingredients pages for each of the natural ingredients.

Could any of the ingredients be Certified Organic?

A couple of the ingredients in petal are Certified Organic, including the Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Rosehip Oil (all Certified Organic by BioGro NZ). In addition, the Organic Camomile Blossoms are Certified Organic by AsureQuality NZ. petal facial oil is created with 100 % natural ingredients and 98.505 % Certified Organic ingredients. A little more information about each of the ingredients could be found on the About natural ingredients summary page and in the ingredients pages for each of the natural ingredients..

How and when should I use petal?

After unboxing, warm just a few drops (about 3 to 6 drops) in your palm, and gently apply onto your face, neck and décolletage area with, or just after applying your favourite kind of moisturising cream. Could be ok to use each day (am and pm) and to apply just as needed. Could additionally be recommended to apply as a second to last step in a morning skincare routine (just before applying a sunscreen), and as a last step in an evening skincare routine. 

As a facial oil, petal could help to add additional nourishment to skin, and could help 'seal in' helpful, active botanical ingredients from other skincare items applied a little earlier in a skincare routine.

(Directions could also be noted on petal's label and box package and on the petal shop page!)

How could I safely dispose of petal facial oil product materials after use?

Our clear glass bottles could be recyclable. Before popping the bottles in your green recycling collection bin, which can be collected at curb side in New Zealand, it could be helpful to rinse the bottle in a little warm and soapy water just to remove any leftover product, and to remove the paper label. If you could like to keep the glass bottles, they could be used for storing another item in, or could become a clear glass vase for posies and small flowers. A little more information about recycling the pipette tops could be noted soon. A little more about how additional packaging materials could be reused or recycled could be noted on our Eco friendly page. Outer card box package could be saved or is safely paper recyclable.

Orders and Posting

For international customers: for a first launch, Camomile Care could just be launching in New Zealand and posting to customers in New Zealand. Our founder is hoping to be able to share our products internationally and with customers who could be based overseas, in countries and areas including Australia, Europe, the UK, America and more, just as soon as possible. Because the regulations for selling and importing a cosmetic item could be just a little different for each country, a couple of steps and paperwork could just need to be safely in place and gathered before it could be ok to ship Camomile Care products to countries outside of New Zealand. Our founder is hoping to be able to share an international launch within about 6 to 24 months after a first launch in New Zealand. In case you could be from another country, we could hopefully be able to share and post Camomile Care products to you just as soon as possible and thank you so much for your continued support of the brand; it is much appreciated and we hope to be able to post to you soon ♡ a little more information could be noted soon.

For kiwi customers:

I am currently pregnant, or breastfeeding; could it be safe to use petal?

It could be safest to avoid using petal, or to check with a GP or a health care professional just before using on your face and skin, because 2 pure and natural essential oils (including pure Lavender and pure Rose) are included in petal.

Most of the petal formulation is made up of 3 very gentle and nourishing pure and Certified Organic oils; Organic Camellia Oil infused with Organic Camomile Blossoms, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Rosehip Oil. Although, one way the formulation could be needed to be used with just a little caution is because of the addition of the 2 pure and natural essential oils, pure, true Lavender (Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia) (added in an amount of 0.48 %) and pure Rose (Botanical name: Rosa Damascena) (added in an amount of 0.015 %). Both of the pure and natural essential oils help to add a light fragrance and could both be active botanical ingredients in petal and, when combined, make up just a little under 0.5 % of the botanical formulation (0.495%). Although both of the essential oils are added in an amount, which is safely under the dermal limits for each of the oils for a skincare item for the face, as noted by IFRA, and when combined are safely just under 0.5 %, a concentration noted by cosmetic chemists to be an allowance for facial skincare, it could be safest to avoid using petal in case you could be pregnant or breastfeeding, or to check with a GP or a health care professional before use, to be as safe and cautionary as possible.

An essential oil free version of petal, which could be free from essential oils and could be safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, could be coming just a little in future if it could be helpful to note.

Could Gift wrapping be available? How could petal be packaged for post?

For petal (10 ml and 30 ml): Clear glass bottles of petal are wrapped in white tissue paper and with a white eco paper raffia / a light pink ribbon wrapped around. Bottles are then popped into a light pink and white card box package, with 'CAMOMILE CARE' printed in gold leaf lettering 🕊☺️ the box could be wrapped in white tissue paper, with a white / light pink ribbon wrapped around too (light pink ribbons are in eco bamboo, handmade silk or another kind of soft fabric and could come in a couple of different kinds of light pink colours and widths).

Gift wrapping is free, and could be included in all orders. A wrapped up petal could be carefully placed into an a5 eco friendly post bag by r3 pack, with a padded cushioning and made with recycled and sustainable paper (recyclable or compostable). An a6 thank you card in light baby pink could additionally be included, and if you could be hoping for a handwritten note to be included on a light pink a6 card, please note in the Notes box just at the checkout, or email customercare@camomilecare.co just if you can 💫

Could Gift certificates (vouchers) be available? 

Gift certificates (vouchers) are safely available and a link to the Gift Card Collection is just here

Could I be able to book more than one item in one order?

Of course; it could be ok to book more than one item and all of the items could be posted in the same package ♡

Could afterpay be available?

afterpay is safely available ♡

Which payment methods can I use to make my purchase?

Our shop is on Shopify and a couple of payment choices could currently include: American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay and Visa (as noted in the icon images just at the bottom of the page on Camomile Care's website). In addition, a choice to pay by a bank transfer could also be noted at checkout, and instructions could come through just after booking an order. Items paid for by a bank transfer could be booked in for post just as soon as a payment has cleared. A payment choice of afterpay is also available, which allows a customer to buy today, and pay in 4 easy and interest-free fortnightly instalments.

Could Camomile Care's packaging and posting materials be eco friendly?

A lot of Camomile Care's packaging could be eco friendly and could be able to be reused or recycled. Please check our Eco friendly page for a little more information, including a careful note about if each item of the packaging and posting materials could be safely reused, up-cycled and/ or recycled.

I live rurally in New Zealand; could it be possible to post to my location and could I still be able to purchase an item by Camomile Care?

Of course; both rural and non rural posting is safely available ♡

When could my product(s) be safely posted?

Items could be carefully packaged up and booked in for pick up by Courier (often with Aramex and sometimes with NZ post) just as quickly as could be possible after an order is placed. For orders placed on Monday to Thursday, packages could almost always be booked for pick up on the morning of the next business (week)day. For orders placed on Friday to Sunday, packages could almost always be booked for pick up on Monday morning. Post in NZ could currently be about 2 to 6 business days ♡  there could possibly be delays in some areas, and a little more information could be noted in a confirmation email, which could be sent just a little after booking in your order (a little more about post could be noted in our Shipping Policy)

Could I be able to track the posting of my order?

Of course; a note of the courier company your order has been booked with and a correct tracking number could be sent in a confirmation email, which could be sent just a little after booking in your order. If you could check the company's website, and write in the tracking number, up-to-date details, including an estimated delivery date, could hopefully show through for your package. Please note it can sometimes take one day before tracking details could be uploaded/show through ok and for any help, including about possible post delays or for a lost parcel inquiry, please email: customercare@camomilecare.co ♡ (a little more about post could be noted in our Shipping Policy)

Could you accept returns?

For change of mind orders, it could be 100 % ok to post a return of an unopened petal and to receive a full refund, and please email customercare@camomilecare.co for any help in arranging post or for sending a return. Because petal could be created in small batches and for safety and hygiene reasons, returns of petals, which could of been opened and used a little couldn't be accepted (a little more about returns and refunds could be noted in our Returns and Refunds Policy)

Could you accept refunds?

Customer care is a central value for Camomile care as a brand, and it could be 100 % ok to request a refund in case your skin could of possibly felt any sensitivity, irritation or discomfort after applying the formulation for a little, or in case petal couldn't safely meet your expectation(s) in any way. Please be sure to request a refund within 2 to 4 weeks of purchase if possible, and please email our customer care address: customercare@camomilecare.co with your order number to help for arranging a refund (a little more about returns and refunds could be noted in our Returns and Refunds Policy)

Could it be ok to receive a refill in my original glass bottle?

Refills could be 100 % ok and accepted too ! (a little more information about how a refill process could work could just be noted soon ♡)

I found a tiny white petal or a tiny gold fleck in petal, could this be safe?

It could be possible tiny traces of Organic Camomile Blossoms (including tiny traces, a white petal or a golden fleck) could be found in a finished petal, and please note it could be 100 % safe and ok, and could be a little part of an Organic Camomile Blossom, which could of safely come from the infusion step, where Organic Camellia Oil is infused with Organic Camomile Blossoms. In addition, although care could be taken to ensure each batch of petal could be as consistent as possible, because of the nature of the natural ingredients and the possibility of a slight variation in the natural ingredients, it could be possible there could be just a tiny variation in the scent, texture and colour of each botanical blend, as no two rose flowers or lavenders could be 100 % alike, or could grow in 100 % the same shape.