Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil


Organic Jojoba Oil

Common name: Jojoba Oil
Botanical name: Simmondsia chinensis

About: Jojoba Oil is a clear, golden coloured oil and the part of the plant used in creating Jojoba Oil is the kernels. Jojoba Oil is extracted from the jojoba kernels using a method called cold pressing.

Jojoba Oil is a popular oil, and its composition is a liquid wax. Jojoba Oil is noted to have an interesting and unique composition of esters of both saturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids and fatty alcohols, which could help to allow for Jojoba Oil to be a versatile oil, with wonderful stability.

Because the composition of Jojoba Oil, as noted a little above, is also quite similar to the sebum created by our own skin, it could help to clarify why Jojoba Oil could be so nourishing, protective and easily accepted. Jojoba Oil can be easily absorbed into the skin and can form a safety coating, which can help to minimise water loss.

In addition, because Jojoba Oil can help to balance sebum production and is non comedogenic, Jojoba Oil is a wonderful emollient and moisturising oil for young skin. Jojoba Oil is treasured for its outstanding nourishing and moisturising abilities and could be recommended for use on all kinds of skin types.

For the skin: Soothing, regenerating and revitalising

Chosen because: Organic Jojoba Oil was chosen because of its beautiful clear, golden colour, its soothing qualities and its moisturising benefits for skin care, as noted just a little more above. Because Jojoba Oil is a non comedogenic oil, it won't cause the pores of the skin to become clogged up. In addition, Organic Jojoba Oil could blend nicely and safely with all of the other pure, gentle and 100 % natural ingredients included in petal facial oil, and could function as a carrier oil and as an emollient in the botanical formulation. Jojoba Oil could be a helpful and safe addition to petal because of its outstanding nourishing and moisturising abilities and its ability to be used and applied on all skin types. The Jojoba Oil used in petal is Certified Organic by BioGro NZ.

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