Notes ♡


IMAGES: almost all of the supporting images created for and currently published on Camomile care's could be created by our founder on 'Canva' professional, with images from 'Canva' and safe to use, images created by our founder for Camomile care, and a gallery image of @camomilecare on instagram. A couple of the supporting images could be additionally be safe to use and could be from 'Pexels' and 'Unsplash,' with a careful note of credit included just below.

🕊️ a couple more notes about images could be coming soon ♡

About natural ingredients

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: a careful note of credit for where information about each of the natural ingredients in 'petal' could be gathered from is included on each of the individual pages about the natural ingredients, from Organic Camellia Oil, to pure Rose. 

Coming soon !

more (professional) photos to add to our website and petal's shop page (in 2022)

donations to a couple of environmental organisations (both international: with 'One Tree Planted' and local) each time petal could be 'sold out' (in 2022)

taking steps for 'petal' to be assessed and certified as 'cruelty free,' 'vegan' and 'organic'

a couple of collaborations and free gift giveaways to share with customers on @camomilecare

a (monthly) newsletter (early 2022)

a cotton and silk scrunchies collection and a new kind of petal (for a 2nd launch) (in 2022)

an international launch to share petal overseas