Natural Vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E


Natural Vitamin E

Common name: Vitamin E - natural, mixed tocopherols
INCI name: Tocopherols

About: Vitamin E is a vitamin found in a lot of different kinds of pure plant oils, as well as throughout the body, where it functions as an antioxidant to protect from oxidation.

Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) could be a helpful and a preferable choice for lessening the oxidation process of oils in a product. 

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and vitamin e (mixed tocopherols) includes both delta and gamma tocopherols. Delta and gamma tocopherols could be beneficial as antioxidants in preventing oils and fats from losing freshness and becoming stale. Mixed tocopherols could be a preferable ingredient of choice in helping to slow and prevent the oxidation of skin care and cosmetic beauty items. 

Vitamin E is a beneficial antioxidant, and could be easily absorbed by the skin. It could be a wonderful moisturiser (on its own) for dry skin, although it could be easier to apply a product containing Vitamin E as an ingredient for overall use on skin, because Vitamin E oil is quite thick. Vitamin E could be helpful in lessening UV damage, and when applied on to the skin, could help to nourish and protect from other kinds of damages.

Chosen because: Vitamin E was chosen as an ingredient in petal because of its helpfulness in lessening and slowing the process of oxidation. Because petal is a facial oil with organic oils and 2 pure and natural essential oils, including a little Vitamin E helps to safeguard the freshness of the formulation as much as possible, and to protect its shelf life. In addition, Vitamin E is a moisturising, nourishing and helpful ingredient for skin care. A little Vitamin E is added to the Organic Camellia Oil and Camomile Blossoms in the beginning, infusion step. A little Vitamin E is also added in the second step of creating petal, where the Camellia infused Oil is blended with all of the other natural ingredients. In petal, the Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant and is included in about 1 % of the botanical formulation.

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