Eco friendly

Eco friendly


Eco friendly

Here is a page to share a careful summary note about how caring for the environment and being as sustainable as possible, could be a central value for Camomile Care as a brand. Camomile Care could be taking a couple of steps from the beginning, both as a brand and in the production and packaging of our products, to help to be as eco friendly as possible (a little more information could just be coming soon too !) 

As a brand

🕊️ a couple of ideas for local actions could include: a monthly donation to a local, NZ based conservation, environmental organisation, such as 'Kiwis for Kiwi' or 'Forest & Bird' (a little more could be noted soon )

🕊️ a couple of ideas for international actions could include: a collaboration with 'One Tree Planted' where one tree could be planted for each customer order of a petal (a little more is noted just below )

eco beauty: one tree is booked to be safely planted (internationally) for each customer order of a petal, in a collaboration with One Tree Planted. Donations are booked just after each time a bulk of petals could all be sold out (booked at once to help to be as accurate as possible), and a careful note of donations, including customer tree certificates, could be available upon request ♡


🕊️ 'petal' is carefully handmade in small batches, to help to minimise possible waste and to preserve the freshness and quality of the botanical formulations.

🕊️ with 100 % natural and Certified Organic ingredients, sourced from just a couple of safe and local NZ suppliers.

🕊️ items used in creating 'petal' could be chosen with care to be as 'eco friendly' as possible, and could currently include: white, organic cotton bamboo cloths, biodegradable eco friendly wipes and re useable glass jars, beakers and other items used in formulating (re-useable glass stirring rods, safety goggles, a cotton over shirt).


Eco friendly and re-useable, recyclable packaging options are chosen with care, where possible. A careful summary note of how all of the items used for packaging could be safely recycled or could be reused is just noted below. In addition, a refill option for 'petal' 30 ml facial oil could also be available (a little more could be noted soon )

🕊️ clear glass bottles (could be added to a glass recycle bin once emptied and washed a little in warm, soapy water, or could be up cycled and used for storing another item in, or could become a clear glass vase for posies and small flowers)

🕊️ light pink and white paper sticker label on 'petal' facial oil could be carefully removed and could be saved if possible 

🕊️ white tissue paper (re useable or paper recyclable) 

🕊️ eco friendly light pink tissue paper (re useable or paper recyclable) (coming soon !)

🕊️ white eco friendly raffia ribbon (re useable or paper recyclable) 

🕊️ outer card box package for 'petal' (could be saved and is paper recyclable)

🕊️ a light pink ribbon (in eco bamboo, white paper raffia or another kind of material such as handmade silk, which could be re useable for gift wrapping or could be up cycled as a hair ribbon, home accessory) 

🕊️ an a6 card in light baby pink, with 'CAMOMILE CARE' in white writing on one side (could be re useable as a note card, a gift card, a book mark or is paper recyclable)

🕊️ a5 eco friendly post bags by r3 pack, with a padded cushioning and made with recycled and sustainable paper (recyclable or compostable)

A little more notes and information could additionally be found in the 'Our story' page, where being as 'eco friendly' as possible and 'Caring for the environment' could be a central value for Camomile Care as a brand. In addition, a little more information could also be found in the 'Q and a's' page, where just a couple of 'eco friendly' questions and answers could be noted.