Collaborations ♡


a little about Camomile Care collaborations + notes

🕊️ loving Graphic Designer who created a light pink and white box package for 'petal,' with CAMOMILE CARE in a gold leaf heading: Kesh (@keshiewstudios)

Kesh is an amazing Graphic Designer with an Ethical Brand Design Studio called 'Keshiew Studios,' and she is noted to be enthusiastic about ethical brands. Kesh created a light pink and white box package for Camomile care, with a light pink front with a gold leaf heading, and simple, white background areas, with a big light pink confetti heart and clear writing. From the beginning and for each step in creating the box, Kesh was so friendly, kind, helpful, positive, careful and conscientious and please check her website (a link is just here).

🕊️ award winning printing company who carefully print all of the light pink and white stationeries (labels, box packages and a6 cards) and add gold writing: Pinc nz

Pinc are an award-winning and family owned graphic design and print studio, based on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast. Pinc could specialise in beautiful paper stocks and in creating prints with foil; images and writing with a unique metallic (gold, silver), print finish. Pinc has been exceptionally helpful and kind in helping to note quotes and to organise proofs for all of the stationeries, and all current (and future) stationeries for Camomile care (card box packages, labels and a6 cards) could be being printed with Pinc (a link to Pinc's website is just here). 

🕊️ Camomile Care's instagram, website, petal (paper) label and a6 thank you cards: created by our founder Lizzie (@carenaturalblog and founder)

🕊️ light pink, eco friendly bamboo ribbon for Gift wrapping (for a first launch) is by 'Feathers and Stone nz' (@feathersandstone) and eco friendly white, paper raffia ribbon is from 'Ribbon and Blues nz'

🕊️ eco beauty: one tree is booked to be safely planted (internationally) for each customer order of a petal, in a collaboration with One Tree Planted. Donations are booked just after each time a bulk of petals could all be sold out (booked at once to help to be as accurate as possible), and a careful note of donations, including customer tree certificates, could be available upon request ♡

🕊 a Gift collaboration with StickerDot nz: StickerDot are an online label and sticker printing company, noted to specialise in custom stickers. A little earlier in 2022, StickerDot kindly * Gifted 100 circle stickers in a fawn colour choice and with a white 'C' to share on our packages, and a link to a blog post about the collaboration is just here!