Camomile Care's blog ♡


Camomile Care's blog is open, with a first post just published in Dec of '21 💫☺️ a first post, just published a little before Christmas, is called: Illustrations on petal's packaging, and notes a little about the 4 illustrations on petal's label and box package (a 'cruelty free' bunny, a 'natural ingredients' illustration, a 'use within 6 m' illustration and a 'recyclable' arrows illustration). All posts could be safely found on the 'Blog' page, just under 'Blog' in the main menu (with a drop down arrow) and if you could check the link just here!

A couple of ideas for blog posts to come (just a little in the future) could include:

🕊️ 'about camomile'

🕊️ 'about facial oils' (about, how and when to use a facial oil)

🕊️ 'benefits of facial oils'

🕊️ collaborations, Q and a's and guest posts to share (created by you)

🕊️ natural ingredients features; included in 'petal' facial oil

🕊️ other kinds of posts you could find helpful (care tips, self care ideas)

🕊️ our founder's blog is: @caringnaturalbambi

For ideas, notes and suggestions about any kind(s) of posts you could be hoping to check, you could be welcome to send a message or an email; it could be so nice to hear from you and it could be ok to note just any time