About natural ingredients

About natural ingredients ♡


About pure, gentle and 100 % natural ingredients

Here is a page to share a careful summary note of all of the pure, gentle and 100 % natural ingredients included in petal facial oil (for face) ♡ a little more information about each of the natural ingredients could additionally be included on the pages for each of the natural ingredients.


🕊️ ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL: a light yellow to clear coloured oil, which could be safe to use on sensitive and allergy prone skin, and can be absorbed quickly. Camellia Oil is helpful as a moisturising and replenishing oil, and supports skin to look and to feel smooth and supple after use. Camellia Oil is very abundant and rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, and has beneficial antioxidant properties. 

🕊️ STRAWBERRY OILa nourishing, beautifully scented and summery ingredient included in petal 2 (a little more could just be coming soon ♡)

🕊️ ORGANIC JOJOBA OILa clear, golden coloured oil, which can be easily absorbed into the skin and can help to minimise water loss. Because Jojoba Oil can help to balance sebum production and is non comedogenic, Jojoba Oil is a wonderful emollient and moisturising oil for young skin. Jojoba Oil is treasured for its outstanding nourishing and moisturising abilities and could be safe for use on all skin types.

🕊️ ORGANIC ROSEHIP OIL: a rosey coloured oil, which could blend nicely with all of the natural ingredients, including the pure Rose. Rosehip Oil is considered to be safe for all skin types and is full of healing benefits for the skin, because of its abundance in skin nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (EFAs). Rosehip Oil has noteable 'repairing' and 'regenerating' qualities.

🕊️ ORGANIC CAMOMILE BLOSSOMS: daisy-like flowers with a light gold centre and white petals and are 100 % dried. Camomile Blossoms are noted to contain antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory abilities. Camomile is considered to be notably helpful and beneficial for sensitive skin. Soothing and calming, Camomile could also be helpful for lightening the skin and has a gentle, sweet straw kind of scent.

🕊️ NATURAL VITAMIN Ea vitamin found in a lot of different kinds of pure plant oils, as well as throughout the body. Vitamin E is a beneficial antioxidant, could be easily absorbed by the skin, and is a moisturising, nourishing and helpful ingredient for skin care. A little Vitamin E is additionally included in petal (1 %) to help safeguard the freshness of the botanical formulation as much as possible, and to protect its shelf life.

🕊️ PURE LAVENDER: a gentle and calming pure essential oil, with a light and pretty opening top note scent. Created from the flowers of a kiwi grown lavender, and is noted to be hypoallergenic. Lavender Flower Oil is abundant in antioxidants and is a helpful first aid oil, which could be good for all kinds of skin. Lavender Flower Oil is healing and soothing on the skin and could be used to aid a number of different skin conditions. 

🕊️ PURE JASMINEa nourishing, beautifully scented and summery ingredient included in petal 2 (a little more could just be coming soon ♡)

🕊️ PURE ROSE: a heart opening and rosey coloured pure essential oil, created from carefully hand-picked rose flowers. Rose Flower Oil is noted to contain healing benefits and to be soothing, hydrating and softening on the skin. A beautifully scented and luxurious natural ingredient, with a sweet and loving nature and essence.