Illustrations on petal's packaging

Illustrations on petal's packaging

Welcome to Camomile care's blog ♡ caring for skin; a celebration of caring, natural beauty and gentleness 🕊️ happy Christmas holidays and here is a post to share and note just a little about the 4 illustrations and images, which could be found on petal's label and box packaging.


A careful summary note of all of the illustrations, from first (left) to last (right)

CRUELTY FREE: the bunny in illustration one helps to note how petal could be a 'cruelty free' beauty item, because the botanical formulation for petal was created without being tested on animals. Our founder is hoping petal could additionally  be checked and certified as 'Cruelty Free' from a safe and trusted organisation.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: the circle with a leaf, two hands and a seedling in illustration two helps to note how petal is carefully handmade, with the loveliest possible 100 % natural ingredients, in the hope the botanical formulation could be as safe, helpful and nourishing for a customer as possible. In addition, 98.505 % of the ingredients in petal are Certified Organic and our founder is hoping petal could additionally be checked and certified as 'Certified Organic' from a safe and trusted organisation.

Carefully handmade with: Organic Camellia Oil infused with Organic Camomile Blossoms, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, pure Lavender Flower Oil and pure Rose Flower Oil. Light strawberry notes could also come through a little in the scent. 

🕊️ with 100 % natural ingredients
🕊️ and with 98.505 % Certified Organic ingredients 

FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: 'petal' is carefully handmade with 100 % natural ingredients, each noted to be gentle and safe to apply on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

With: 100 % natural ingredients, 98.505 % Certified Organic ingredients, 1 % Vitamin E and 0.495 % pure and natural essential oils (0.48 % pure Lavender Flower Oil and 0.015 % pure Rose Flower Oil).

USE WITHIN: the circle shape jar with the open lid and '6 M' in illustration three helps to note how it could be recommended to use 'petal' within 6 months, after opening. It could be safest to use 'petal' within 6 months, because Organic Rosehip Oil, one of the natural ingredients included in 'petal,' has a shelf life of about 6 months. Because the botanical formulation could begin to 'oxidise' after the bottle has been opened and as the formulation is exposed to oxygen, it could be helpful to note the following care tips for storage: 

After unboxing, it could be helpful to store petal in a cool place below 30 °C, and away from direct sunlight if possible, to help care for and protect the freshness of the botanical formulation.

petal is also created with 1 % Vitamin E, an antioxidant which is lovely, nourishing and healing for the skin. In addition, Vitamin E can help to safeguard the freshness of an oil based skin care formulation (such as a facial oil) and to protect it's shelf life, by lessening and slowing the process of oxidation. 

WITH RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: the three arrows in a circle shape in illustration four help to note how the packaging is recyclable (outer box package and clear glass bottle are both recyclable). The illustration is called a 'Mobius loop,' and is used on packaging for beauty, skincare and for other items, to help indicate that the packaging can be recycled.   


Image: created on Canva by Lizzie (founder)

For more information: a little more information could be found in 'Our Story', in 'Eco Friendly', in 'Q and a's', in the 'About natural ingredients' summary page, and in petal's shop page

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