about Organic Camellia Oil

'about Organic Camellia Oil' 🕊☺️✉️ wishing you a safe and happiest 2022 and here is a first post of the new year to share and note a little about Organic Camellia Oil, one of the natural and Certified Organic ingredients included in petal facial oil. 

Organic Camellia Oil


Organic Camellia Oil

Common name: Camellia Oil
Botanical name: Camellia oleifera

About: Camellia Oil is a light yellow to clear coloured oil and the part of the plant used in creating Camellia Oil is the seeds. Camellia Oil is extracted from the seeds using a method called cold pressing. 

For hundreds of years, Eastern Asia has been conscious of the highly regenerative and restoring benefits of Camellia for the skin. Camellia Oil can be found in a lot of skin care products and formulations, as well as other kinds of beauty care, hair care and sun care kinds of products. Camellia Oil could also often be added to products for looking after dry and damaged skin and hair, and is additionally accepted and well liked by both aromatherapists and massage therapists.

Camellia Oil is helpful as a moisturising and replenishing oil, because of it's well known and excellent ability to retain moisture. Camellia Oil could be safe to use on both sensitive skin and allergy prone skin and can be absorbed by the skin quickly. Camellia Oil can help skin to look and feel smooth and supple after use, and additionally has helpful antioxidant, disinfectant and germicidal properties.

Camellia Oil has a little over 80 % oleic acid, and a kind of fatty acid Camellia Oil is very abundant and rich in is monounsaturated fatty acids. Camellia Oil is also abundant in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E, a collection of minerals, and squalene, which is a notable part of our skin's natural emollient structure. 

For the skin: An emollient, regenerating, helpful for dry and damaged skin

Chosen because: Camellia Oil was chosen to be a carrier oil in petal because of its pretty light colour, gentleness and nourishing benefits for skin care, as noted just a little more above. Camellia Oil was also chosen because of its ability to be absorbed into the skin quite quickly, and because it is a floral kind of pure plant oil, and could blend and go well with the floral botanical formulation of petal. In petal, Camellia Oil functions as a carrier oil, as an emollient and also as an active botanical ingredient as it is gently infused with Organic Camomile Blossoms, before being added to the formulation. A lot of beautiful Camellia trees with white, light pink and bright strawberry coloured flowers also grow in the garden of our family, childhood home and could be found in gardens close by too. The Camellia Oil used in petal is Certified Organic by BioGro NZ.

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