a Collaboration with StickerDot

'a Collaboration with StickerDot' 🕊☺️💫 hope you could be having a safe and happy wednesday afternoon and here is a new blog post to share and note a little about a collaboration with StickerDot.

A Collaboration with StickerDot


About StickerDot

A little about StickerDot: StickerDot are an online label and sticker printing company, noted to specialise in custom stickers. Stickers can be booked and printed in a couple of different kinds of materials, including: Paper Stickers (the choice of stickers for the collaboration), Vinyl Stickers and Special Stickers and in a couple of choices of shapes too, including: Die Cut (Square), Kiss Cut and Other.

In addition, StickerDot also specialise in Business Cards, which can be printed in a couple of different choices of Cards, including: Standard Business Cards, Premium Business Cards and Swing Tags. The Business Cards can also be printed on a couple of different kinds of materials, including: Standard Matte, Royal Extra White and Vintage Kraft. StickerDot are based in Rosedale, Auckland.

For any help or questions an email address for StickerDot's friendly customer care team is: info@stickerdot.co.nz (a couple more contact details are also just noted at the bottom of the post!)





A Collaboration with Camomile Care

A little earlier in 2022, StickerDot checked with Camomile Care by email if it could be ok to share a collaboration, and offered to kindly post 100 stickers in exchange for a blog post and a customer (star) review after finding Camomile Care's blog. StickerDot noted a couple of different choices of shape and paper stickers they could be so happy to send, and kindly said it could be ok to print a couple of favourite choices I found and hoped could safely fit Camomile Care's current packaging. 

I chose: Art Paper with an Uncoated finish, in a Kiss Cut shape (Circle) and in a 30 mm by 30 mm size.

A couple of the earliest PDF (Print) docs I emailed to StickerDot were just a little light in colour (light baby pink and fawn) and Jenny from StickerDot was very caring and attentive in checking with print team and helping to find a colour, which could safely show in the finished (printed) sticker design. The finished design we chose was a fawn colour with a white 'C' for Camomile Care in the centre, and I thought it could be a pretty choice to go with the light baby pink and white in Camomile Care's current stationeries (a6 cards, labels and box packages, by Pinc). 

A box package from StickerDot was just posted a little earlier in March, and inside were the circle stickers safely packaged all together, with bubble wrap. I was overjoyed after opening the box and checking the circle stickers for the first time; the fawn colour is so beautiful and printed lovelier than I could of imagined, and the circle stickers are just right. It is easy and fun to unwrap the circle stickers, and to add to help secure our packaging. The delicate fawn colour and white 'C' printed so clear and beautifully and the paper, finish and quality of the stickers is amazing.

The circle stickers are carefully printed on individual white paper sheets, and I couldn't be happier about the circle stickers and how loving, attentive, kind, helpful and generous StickerDot staff were for each step of the way in creating the stickers. Here is a special thank you note to all of the StickerDot staff: Steffi, Kerstine, Jenny, Chriz for the collaboration and for helping to create and post the beautiful fawn circle stickers. I am looking forward so much to sharing the new fawn circle stickers on our packages and hope to book in again soon.




For more information about paper stickers by StickerDot (the kind of sticker created for the collaboration) and to check choices of (paper) material and shape and beautiful colour images of choices, a link is just here!

For the customer (star) review I noted: 5 stars for wonderful customer care and loveliest stickers 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 


Contact StickerDot:

🕊 instagram: @stickerdot

🕊 email: info@stickerdot.co.nz

🕊 website: www.stickerdot.co.nz

🕊 by phone: 09 889 2775

🕊 address: 28 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, 0632



Notes and references

Images: StickerDot logo, included on StickerDot and Camomile Care image (created on Canva) is from StickerDot's website: www.stickerdot.co.nz, and all images are by founder Lizzie

Information about StickerDot and card and sticker choices is carefully cited from StickerDot's website: www.stickerdot.co.nz

a note: the blog post was created in a collaboration with StickerDot and the 100 fawn stickers were kindly * Gifted to our company, Camomile Care, by StickerDot. I hope the post could be helpful to share and note just a little about this lovely company and the circle stickers, and I tried to be as careful and objective as possible in creating the post (by Lizzie, founder)

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